How To Hide Money When Travelling – 15 Simple Ways

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When travelling, one of the biggest concerns is keeping your money safe from pickpockets or robbers. The last thing you want is to lose all your money in a foreign country and be stranded without any resources. To avoid such situations, we have compiled a list of 15 secret tips on how to hide money when travelling.

We have covered everything from using hidden pockets in clothing to stashing cash in water bottles. We have also included tips for staying inconspicuous while hiding your money and what to do if you are pickpocketed or robbed while travelling. So read on and stay prepared for any situation that might come your way on your next adventure.

How To Hide Money When Travelling

How To Hide Money When Travelling – Effective Manner

How to Hide Money When Travelling - Effective Manner

When you travel abroad or within the country, always ensure you carry enough money for emergencies but keep it safe from pickpockets or theft. Here are some clever ways to do so. Use a variety of hiding places like secret compartments in scarves or backpacks with RFID protection devices.

Consider using a variety of accessories, such as waistbands or wrist wallets, for easy access to daily expenses. Split your cash into smaller bills and store them in places like your suitcase or hotel room’s hidden compartment. A traditional money belt is always a good idea too. Here we provide you with 15 secret tips on how to hide money when travelling:

1. Use A Traveler’s Money Belt

Use A Traveler's Money Belt

When travelling, ensuring your belongings are safe is always a good idea. The best way to do this is using a discreet accessory like a travel money belt. With its secret compartment for cash and passport, you can easily avoid pickpockets or theft. It can be worn around the waistband under clothes or as a scarf with a hidden pocket. RFID protection ensures safety from thieves who attempt to scan credit cards while on the move.

2. Security Belt With Inside Zipper

Security belts with inside zippers are a great way to hide your travel money safely. They can be easily worn under clothing, and their secret compartment allows you to store your wallet, cash, credit card, passport or any other valuable item without the fear of theft.

Other clever ways of hiding money include stuffing cash into an empty chapstick container or bra. Remember to use multiple stash spots and track where you always put your belongings. This will give you peace of mind on your next trip.

3. Hidden Pockets In Clothing

Hidden Pockets In Clothing

The best way to hide money when travelling is by cleverly using accessories such as hidden pockets in clothing. These secret compartments are an excellent theft-proof solution for keeping your travel money safe and sound while on vacation.

When choosing clothes with hidden pockets, ensure they are secure enough to deter pickpockets and thieves and have multiple compartments. Packing with Travelon luggage and using Pacsafe straps is also a good idea.

4. Money In Hair Brush Handle

While travelling, it’s always a good idea to have multiple hiding places for your travel money and important documents such as your passport. One great way to conceal cash is by packing it tightly in the handle of a hairbrush.

This unconventional method allows easy access while keeping your belongings safe from theft and pickpockets. Check frequently that the cash is still securely packed in its hidden compartment. For peace of mind while on your next trip, consider purchasing a travel money belt or other accessories with secret compartments.

5. Stash Money In Bra

Stash Money In Bra

For female travellers looking to hide their travel money with peace of mind and easy access, stashing money in a secret compartment in their bra is a clever way. Using a secure pocket or pouch not visible through clothing is also good.

Consider using RFID protection accessories like wallets or traditional money belts from travel on for security against theft. Divide your cash into pockets with zippers or straps to avoid losing large amounts of money at once.

6. Wrist Wallets For Travelers

When travelling, keeping your money secure is essential. Wrist wallets are an excellent accessory that provides peace of mind while travelling with money. These compact gadgets can be carried discreetly, making them less noticeable to pickpockets and thieves. Made of durable material, they come in many sizes and styles, such as waterproof options ideal for beach vacations.

Be sure to choose one with RFID protection and secure closures to protect your ID from theft. You can divide your money into hiding places such as hidden compartments, secret pockets in clothing, or even scarfs with hidden zippers for added security during your next trip.

7. Sleep With Money Inside The Sleeping Bag

Sleep With Money Inside The Sleeping Bag

To have peace of mind while travelling, consider clever ways to hide your travel money. One great way is to stash emergency cash in plain sight by sleeping with it inside your bag. Wrap bills in a secret compartment or use a hidden pocket in a scarf or hairbrush handle. Spreading large amounts of cash in different places is also a good idea. Remember to protect against theft with RFID protection and avoid carrying all your cash simultaneously.

8. Stash Cash In Water Bottle

When travelling with cash, it’s always a good idea to have multiple hiding places in case of theft or pickpockets. Stashing some of your travel money in plain sight but secret compartment like a water bottle stripped of its label could be the best way to go.

This clever trick ensures easy access to emergency cash while giving peace of mind that large amounts of money are not all kept together. It’s also a great way to keep your belongings safe while on the go. Use RFID protection with gadgets like Pacsafe straps or waistbands for added security.

9. Hide Money In Dirty Laundry Bag

Hide Money In Dirty Laundry Bag

When travelling in Europe or another location where pickpocketing or theft is common, it’s a good idea to stash your cash in clever ways. One great way to hide your money is to put small bills into a secret compartment in your luggage or backpack. Another option is using a travel money belt with RFID protection for your credit cards and passport.

However, if you prefer not to carry a traditional money belt everywhere you go and need easy access to your belongings while staying at hotels or hostels with communal laundry facilities, consider hiding your money in a dirty laundry bag.

Roll up small bills tightly and place them inside a plastic bag before hiding them in the laundry bag, among other clothes, so that it appears as though the money is just another article of clothing being washed. Keep track of which piece of clothing has the money concealed to avoid accidentally losing it.

10. Conceal Money In Cosmetic And Shower Gel Bottles

When you’re travelling, concealing your money can be tricky. Instead of carrying all your cash and cards around, consider hiding some of your money in unexpected places like cosmetic and shower gel bottles. Choosing opaque bottles and thoroughly cleaning them before storing cash inside can be helpful. For even more security, store these bottles in a locked suitcase or hidden compartment where thieves are less likely to look.

11. Money Stashed In An Empty Plastic Soap Container

One of the clever ways to hide your travel money is by using empty plastic soap containers as your hiding place. By doing this, you are not drawing too much attention and still have enough money for your next trip. Always clean the container before use and only keep small bills in it. It’s important to be prepared for theft and pickpockets when travelling, so having a secret compartment like this can give you peace of mind.

12. Hide Money In Aspirin Bottles

Empty aspirin bottles can be a great hiding place for your travel money. They are discreet and easily blend in with other toiletries in your suitcase. Label them correctly to avoid confusion with the real medication. Remember not to store large amounts of cash in one bottle. Splitting your emergency cash into different places, such as hidden pockets or a secret compartment within your belongings, is a good idea.

13. In Deodorant Tubes, Hide Money

One of the clever ways to hide money when travelling is to use a deodorant tube as a secret compartment. Clean the tube by removing the deodorant and rolling up small bills before placing them inside. It’s an easy way to keep your cash safe whether you’re backpacking through Europe or staying in a hotel room.

For added peace of mind, consider using accessories like a traveler’s money belt or hidden pockets in clothing. Alternatively, try a wrist wallet for travelers or stash cash in a water bottle with a secret compartment. A traditional money belt is also a good idea for carrying large amounts of cash without drawing attention to yourself.

14. Use A Dummy Wallet

Use A Dummy Wallet

Misleading thieves is easy with a dummy wallet filled with low-value bills and expired credit cards. Hide your money and important documents elsewhere, in unexpected places like a book or toiletry container, for added security while on your next trip. Consider using a diversion safe or secret compartment and traditional travel accessories such as a money belt or wrist wallet for peace of mind.

15. On-Body Storage Is The Best

When it comes to hiding your travel money, the best place to keep it is on your body. This can be done using accessories like a traditional money belt or hidden pockets sewn into clothing items like scarves or underwear. You can also consider trying clever ways like concealing your cash in a hairbrush handle or wrist wallet.

Keeping some emergency cash in a decoy wallet is always a good idea as an added security measure. Remember to distribute your money and cards in different places so you don’t lose everything if you get pickpocketed. By following these tips, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are secure while you’re on the go.

Tips For Staying Inconspicuous While Hiding Your Money

Tips For Staying Inconspicuous While Hiding Your Money

When travelling, it’s important to keep your belongings secure. On-body storage accessories like a travel money belt or hidden pockets in clothing are great ways to hide your cash without drawing attention.

Divide your emergency cash into different places so you won’t lose everything if you get pickpocketed. It’s also wise to carry some local currency for daily transactions. For peace of mind during your next trip, these clever ways can ensure that you’ll always have enough money when you need it.

What To Do If You Are Pickpocketed Or Robbed While Travelling

In case of theft or pickpocketing while travelling, always keep a backup of your passport and money in a secure spot. Stay alert and avoid carrying large amounts of cash or valuables. If you fall victim to theft, report the incident to local authorities immediately.

You can also consider using travel insurance for added security. Whether it’s a traditional money belt, hidden pocket clothing or accessories like Pacsafe backpack straps with RFID protection – there are clever ways to stash your cash all over your body (including bras, hairbrushes, scarves and waistbands) in plain sight.


Travelling can be an exhilarating experience, but it also poses some risks. One of the most significant concerns is keeping your money safe while travelling, especially in unfamiliar places. To avoid being a target for pickpockets and thieves, we have listed 15 secret tips on how to hide money when travelling.

However, it’s equally important to stay inconspicuous while hiding your cash. Always be aware of your surroundings, avoid flashing cash, and use common sense. In the unfortunate event that you do get robbed or pickpocketed, always report the incident to the local authorities immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Do I Hide Money From Airport Scanners?

Ans: It is not advisable to hide money from airport scanners as it may result in legal repercussions. Opt for a travel wallet or money belt, distribute cash across pockets or bags, and declare large amounts at customs instead.

2.How Do You Securely Travel With Cash?

Ans: Use a secure money belt or hidden pouch to keep cash close. Avoid carrying large sums and consider traveler’s checks or prepaid cards. Always stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

3.How Do You Hide Cash In A Carry-On?

Ans: Including using a hidden pocket or investing in a money belt. You can also use a dummy item or split the cash into multiple hiding spots for added security. However, always be cautious and aware of potential theft or loss.

4.What Is The Best Way To Travel With Money?

Ans: To safely travel with money, use a mix of cash, credit cards, and traveler’s checks, keeping them in separate locations. Notify your bank and card companies before leaving. For added security and convenience, consider using a prepaid travel card.

5.What Are The Best Ways To Hide Your Money When Travelling?

Ans:  When travelling, keep your money safe by using a money belt or hidden pockets in your clothing. Split your cash and cards into different locations to avoid losing everything if something is stolen.

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