How To Make The Perfect Diaper Cake: Some Quick Tips

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As a new parent or someone attending a baby shower, you may have heard of the popular trend of diaper cakes. A diaper cake is a clever and practical gift that is visually appealing and useful for new parents.

It is a creative way to present diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials in an aesthetically pleasing display. Yet, creating the perfect diaper cake can be daunting for someone who has never made one before.

Here we’ll guide you through the process step-by-step and provide helpful tips on how to make the perfect diaper cake. From choosing the right diapers to adding decorative elements, we will cover everything you need to know to create the perfect diaper cake.

How To Make The Perfect Diaper Cake

What Is The Perfect Diaper Cake?

A Perfect Diaper Cake is a creative and practical gift for new parents. It is made up of rolled-up diapers, arranged in a tiered cake-like structure, and decorated with baby items such as rattles, pacifiers, and bibs. The perfect diaper cake is a beautiful centrepiece for a baby shower and is functional because new parents can use the diapers for their babies.

These cakes come in different sizes and designs, making them customizable to fit the baby shower’s theme or the parents’ preferences. Making a Perfect Diaper Cake can be a fun and simple DIY project that anyone can do. You only need diapers, rubber bands, cake boards, ribbons, and decorations.

Some online tutorials and guides can help you create the perfect design. Whether you purchase a pre-made Perfect Diaper Cake or make one yourself, it will surely be a hit with new parents as a thoughtful and practical gift.

How To Make The Perfect Diaper Cake – 6 Quick Tips

How To Make The Perfect Diaper Cake - 6 Quick Tips

When gifting a diaper cake, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it is usually given to expecting or new parents as a practical and thoughtful gift. Diaper cakes are often a hit at baby showers or as a welcome gift for the arrival of a new baby.

Diaper cakes can also be gifted to close friends or family members who have recently adopted a baby. Ultimately, the recipient should be someone who will appreciate and benefit from the practicality and creativity of a diaper cake.

Wondering how to make the perfect diaper cake? No worries. To make the perfect diaper cake, you must gather all the necessary supplies, such as,

  • Diapers (preferably size 1 or 2),
  • Rubber bands,
  • A cake plate or cardboard,
  • Ribbon and decorations
  • Baby toys or flowers.

Present your beautiful and practical creation to the expecting parents, who will surely be delighted with your thoughtful gift. Here are 6 quick tips on the process of making the perfect diaper cake:

1. Choose The Right Size Of Diapers

Choosing the right size of diapers is crucial when making a diaper cake. You want to ensure the baby’s diapers are not too small or too big. Typically, size 1 or 2 diapers are the best for a diaper cake, as they are the most commonly used sizes for newborns.

It’s also important to check the weight range on the diaper packaging to ensure that it fits the baby properly. A mix of different brands and designs can add a fun and unique touch to your diaper cake.

2. Use A Sturdy Base

Use A Sturdy Base

You can use a cake board, a cardboard box, a wooden plate, or a tray. The base should be big enough to support the weight of the cake and the decorations. If you’re using a cardboard box, reinforce it with tape or glue to prevent it from collapsing. You can also cover the base with wrapping, fabric, or decorative paper to make it look more appealing.

Once you’ve chosen your base, you can start building your diaper cake by rolling the diapers and securing them with rubber bands. Don’t forget to add baby items, such as pacifiers, bottles, rattles, or stuffed animals, to make the cake look more festive.

3. Roll The Diapers

Once you have the base of your diaper cake set up, it is time to start rolling the diapers. Take one diaper at a time and roll it tightly from the open end towards the waistband. Secure each rolled diaper with a rubber band to keep it in place.

Repeat this process with all the diapers, and roll enough diapers to cover the entire cake. The rolled diapers will serve as the building blocks of your diaper cake and will be held together with ribbon or string. Remember that the number of diapers you need will depend on the cake size you want to make, so plan accordingly.

4. Use A Center Dowel

Another important element to consider when making a perfect diaper cake is to use a centre dowel. A centre dowel not only provides stability to the cake but also helps to keep the shape of the cake intact. You can use a wooden or plastic dowel that is long enough to go through all the layers of the diaper cake.

Place the dowel at the centre of the bottom layer of the cake and then add the next layer on top of it.  Keep adding layers and secure them with rubber bands until you reach the top of the cake. Finally, wrap the dowel with a ribbon or decorate it with cute baby-themed embellishments to give your diaper cake a finishing touch.

5. Decorate With Ribbon And Baby Items

Decorate With Ribbon And Baby Items

Once you have stacked and secured all the diapers, it is time to decorate your diaper cake! Start by wrapping a ribbon around each cake layer and securing it with a bow or tape. You can choose ribbons that match the baby’s nursery theme or go for a playful and colourful look.

Next, add baby items such as pacifiers, toys, or socks to the cake. You can attach them to the ribbon or tuck them in between the layers of diapers.

6. Add A Cake Topper

Once you have completed the base of your diaper cake, it’s time to add a cake topper. This can be anything from a stuffed animal, a baby bottle, or even a cute little hat. The cake topper should be something that complements the overall theme of the diaper cake and adds to its charm.

You can secure the topper in place using tape or by tying it to the top layer of the cake using ribbon or string. Adding a cake topper is the perfect finishing touch to your diaper cake, making it look even more adorable and ready for any baby shower or celebration.

What Is The Most Essential Ingredient Required To Make A Diaper Cake?

What Is The Most Essential Ingredient Required To Make A Diaper Cake

There are a few essential ingredients that you need to have on hand. But perhaps the most important of them all is the diapers themselves. After all, without diapers, there would be no diaper cake! When selecting diapers for your diaper cake, choosing the right size and brand for the baby using them is important.

You’ll also want to ensure you have enough diapers to create the tiers of your cake. Depending on the size of your cake, you may need anywhere from 50 to 150 diapers. Once you have your diapers, you’ll need additional materials, such as rubber bands, ribbon, and decorations, to add flair to your creation.

With these ingredients, you’ll be ready to start assembling your diaper cake. Begin by rolling each diaper tightly and securing it with a rubber band. Then, stack the diapers into tiers and secure each tier with a ribbon or string.

What Should Go On A Diaper Cake?

There are a variety of items that you can add to make it extra special. Of course, you’ll need plenty of diapers – the main ingredient – but beyond that, the possibilities are endless. First, consider the theme or colour scheme of the baby shower or nursery.

Add items like baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and onesies that match the theme or colour scheme. You could also add small toys or stuffed animals for the baby to enjoy playing with. Another idea is to include practical items, like baby shampoo, lotion, and wipes.

If the parents have registered for specific items, you could also include those on the diaper cake. And don’t forget about adding a special touch with decorations – ribbon, bows, and flowers can add a beautiful finishing touch. Whether you opt for a simple design or go all out with elaborate decorations and added items

How To Make A 2-Tier Diaper Cake?

How To Make A 2-Tier Diaper Cake

If you want a creative and practical baby shower gift, a diaper cake is a great option. You can customize it to fit the theme or colour scheme of the baby shower, and it’s also a practical gift for new parents. Making a 2-tier diaper cake is simple and requires no special skills or materials. To begin, you’ll need around,

  • 30-40 diapers,
  • Rubber bands,
  • Two cardboard cake rounds, and
  • A ribbon.

Start by rolling each diaper tightly and securing it with a rubber band. Once you have a pile of rolled diapers, place the larger cardboard cake round on a flat surface and start arranging the diapers around the edge of the round.

Use rubber bands to secure the diapers in place. Repeat with the smaller cardboard round, placing it on top of the first tier. For a personal touch, you can add baby items like bibs, pacifiers, or small toys between the layers.


Creating a diaper cake may seem like a funny task, but with the right materials and a bit of patience, anyone can master this art. Remember that the key to a perfect diaper cake is attention to detail and creativity. Gather all the necessary materials, such as diapers, rubber bands, ribbons, and decorations.

Choose a theme for your diaper cake based on a colour scheme or a specific character. Stack the diapers in a circular pattern, securing each layer with rubber bands. By selecting the right theme, colour scheme, and decorations, an individual can create a beautiful and functional gift that will impress the recipient and serve as a practical item for the new parents.

Therefore, with these guidelines in mind, one can create an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional diaper cake that everyone will admire. We hope now you understand how to make the perfect diaper cake.


1.What Are The Essential Materials Needed To Make A Diaper Cake?

Ans: The essential materials needed to make a diaper cake are

  • diapers (of different sizes),
  • rubber bands,
  • cardboard or cake plates,
  • ribbons,
  • glue, and
  • decorations (such as baby toys, pacifiers, and washcloths).

2.How Many Diapers Are Needed To Make A Perfect Diaper Cake?

Ans: The number of diapers needed to make a perfect diaper cake depends on the size and design of the cake. Generally, it can range from 50 to 150 diapers.

3.How Do You Secure The Layers Of A Diaper Cake To Prevent It From Falling Apart?

Ans: To secure the layers of a diaper cake and prevent it from falling apart, you can use ribbons, rubber bands or thin twine to tie the layers together. Additionally, adding support in cardboard or wooden dowels between the layers can help keep the diaper cake stable.

4.Can You Customize A Diaper Cake To Match A Specific Theme Or Colour Scheme?

Ans: Customizing a diaper cake to match a specific theme or colour scheme is possible. Many diaper cake makers offer a range of customization options, including selecting the colour, pattern, and style of the diapers used and adding themed decorations such as ribbons, toys, and baby accessories to match the desired theme or colour scheme.

5.What Are Some Creative Ideas For Decorating A Diaper Cake?

Ans: Consider using themed decorations like ocean animals or jungle safari to make the diaper cake even more unique. You can also add a personal touch by incorporating the new parents’ favourite colours or themes.

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