Best 16 Popular Food In Belgium – You Must Try

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Belgium is a small Western European country bordered by France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Despite its size, Belgium has a rich history, and culture has significantly impacted Europe. The country is popular for its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine (including world-famous chocolate and beer), and vibrant arts scene.

Belgium is a country that is famous for its beer, chocolate, and waffles. But there’s a lot more to Belgian cuisine than just those three delicacies. From hearty stews to succulent seafood, Belgium has something to offer every food lover.

We will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the most popular food in Belgium. We will discuss popular food in Belgium’s top 16 dishes that locals and visitors love. You’ll learn about traditional favorites like Carbonade flamande or stoolies and modern-day classics like Grey Shrimp Croquettes and Waffles. We will explore what makes Belgian food unique and popular worldwide.

Top 16 Popular Food In Belgium: Don’t Miss!!!

Belgian cuisine offers a range of delectable dishes that have gained worldwide popularity. Among the top 16 most popular foods, Belgian waffles, frites, mussels-frites, and stoolies are some must-try delicacies offering distinct flavors. The creamy waterzooi stew, made with fish or chicken and chicos au gratin, a cheesy endive dish, is also uniquely Belgian. The Liege-style meatballs flavored with nutmeg and caramelized apples coated in sugar offer a sweet twist to traditional dishes.

Belgium is also renowned for its high-quality chocolate and over 1,500 varieties of beer. With an extensive range of cheeses like Gouda and blue cheese, Belgian food caters to diverse palates. Many people enjoy the popular delight of mild white pudding sausage and boudin blanc. These unique flavors make Belgian cuisine so famous worldwide. Here are the Top 16 most popular food in Belgium.

1. Carbonade Flamande Or Stoofvlees

Beef stew is a staple of Belgian cuisine, and Carbonade flamande or stoolies is one of the most popular versions. Made this hearty and flavorful stew with beef, onions, and beer. The rich flavor comes from using a dark beer like Brune or Dubbel, which adds complexity to the dish.

Cooking low and slow for several hours tenderizes the meat and melds the flavors together. Locals often have their own family recipes for this beloved dish, but it can also find on menus at many restaurants throughout Belgium. Whether enjoyed at home or in a restaurant, Carbonade flamande or stoolies is a must-try for anyone looking to experience authentic Belgian cuisine.

2. Sole Meunière

Regarding Belgian cuisine, few dishes are as elegant and flavorful as sole meunière. This classic dish combines the delicate texture of sole fish with the rich taste of butter and lemon for a truly unforgettable culinary experience. Whether dining at a high-end restaurant or preparing the dish home, sole meunière impresses even the most discerning palates.

Its simplicity, freshness, and ability to showcase quality ingredients contribute to its popularity. No wonder this dish has become a staple in Belgian cuisine and a must-try for visitors to the country.

3. Chicons Au Gratin

Locals have long enjoyed Chicons au gratin, a traditional Belgian dish. You make this simple yet delicious comfort food with naturally bitter endives. The béchamel sauce and grated cheese help balance this bitterness, resulting in a creamy and flavorful dish many love.

People often serve chicos au gratin as a side dish, but you can enjoy it as the main course with a salad. It’s easy to prepare and can customize to suit individual tastes by adding herbs or spices, making it a popular choice for dinner parties or family meals.

4. Moules Frites

Belgium’s coastal regions offer an abundance of seafood delicacies, with Moules frites being the country’s most famous dish. The combination of plump, succulent mussels with crispy, golden fries makes for a delectable meal that locals and visitors enjoy.

It has become so popular that people often refer to it as Belgium’s national dish, and almost every menu in the country features it. Moules frites are particularly celebrated during summer months when mussels are in season, and they are cooked to perfection in white wine or beer along with onions, celery, and other aromatic herbs.

5. Stoemp

Stoemp is a culinary delight that has its roots in Brussels. They make this comforting dish with mashed potatoes and vegetables and serve it as a side dish to sausages, pork chops, or meatballs. The dish’s name comes from the French word “étouffer,” which means to smother or suffocate, reflecting the hearty nature of this comfort food.

You can customize Stoemp by adding carrots, onions, cabbage, spinach, or leeks. Its warmth and simplicity make it perfect for cold winter days when you need something filling and satisfying to eat.

6. Paling in‘t Groen

Paling in ‘t Groen is a prime example of Flemish cuisine, and its popularity can attribute to its unique preparation. Cook the dish in a green herb sauce made with parsley, chervil, and sorrel using fresh eel poached in water. The sauce’s tangy white wine vinegar and creamy butter create a delightful flavor that perfectly complements the tender eel.

While this dish may not be as well-known as some other Belgian favorites, adventurous foodies will appreciate Paling in ‘t group’s distinctive taste and cultural significance. It is truly a must-try for anyone eager to explore traditional Flemish cuisine.

7. Gentse Waterzooi

Gentse waterzooi is a dish that has gained popularity worldwide due to its unique blend of flavors and textures. People typically make this Belgian stew, which originated in the city of Ghent, by cooking chicken or fish with vegetables such as leeks, carrots, and potatoes in a creamy broth. “waterzooi” derives from the Flemish word “code,” which means to boil.

Gentse Waterzooi’s use of cream in the broth makes it stand out, giving it a rich and velvety texture that pleases the palate. Moreover, this stew perfectly exemplifies how Belgium cuisine reflects the country’s history and culture. This dish was first created to use surplus fish from the nearby rivers, and over time, it evolved with new ingredients added for taste or convenience. Gentse waterzooi is an excellent comfort food that warms you up on chilly evenings and complements well with a cold glass of Belgian beer.

8. Boulets

Belgium is renowned for its hearty and comforting cuisine, and Boulets are a dish that fully exemplifies this reputation. This traditional Belgian meatball dish comes with a blend of beef and pork, seasoned with nutmeg, thyme, and bay leaves to give it a distinct flavor.

Restaurants typically serve boulets in a rich tomato sauce alongside fries or mashed potatoes and a side salad. Food lovers visiting Belgium should highly recommend trying the flavorsome dish in many restaurants nationwide. Boulets is the perfect example of Belgian cuisine with its savory flavors and rustic charm.

9. Crevette Grise

Crevette grise, a small grey shrimp commonly found in the North Sea and Belgian coastal waters, is a must-try for seafood lovers visiting Belgium. These tiny shrimps cook in court bouillon, a fragrant broth made with white wine, herbs, and vegetables, which adds richness to their delicate flavor.

People often serve crevette grise as an appetizer or snack, either alone or with mayonnaise or cocktail sauce. It’s also popular in many Belgian dishes like croquettes and shrimp salad. The subtle taste of crevette grise pairs perfectly with Belgian beers such as Gueuze or Saison, making it an ideal addition to any meal in Belgium.

10. Mussels

Belgium is famous for its moules-frites, a classic dish of mussels and fries. Belgium typically serves mussels with fries or bread as a staple dish. This dish is popular because of its unique taste and how it’s often prepared – steamed with white wine and garlic or cooked in a beer broth.

People believe mussels are a healthy source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Another reason for their popularity is that they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find, making them an accessible treat for everyone. Belgians have elevated this humble mollusc into a culinary art form – it’s no surprise that people from all over the world come to Belgium to enjoy this exquisite dish.

11. Grey Shrimp Croquettes

If you are a seafood lover, Grey Shrimp Croquettes are a must-try delicacy in Belgium. These croquettes come with a mixture of small and sweet grey shrimp, butter, flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, making them a crispy and savory treat. Grey Shrimp Croquettes can serve as an appetizer or a larger meal.

You can enjoy them with various dipping sauces, such as mayonnaise or tartar sauce, for added flavor. Try pairing these croquettes with Belgian beers like Gueuze or Saison to complement their delicate taste.

12. Eel In The Green

“Eel in the green” is a traditional Belgian dish that locals have enjoyed for centuries. The tender eel and a flavorful herb sauce make for a delicious and unique dining experience. What sets this dish apart is using green herbs like spinach, parsley, sorrel, and chervil to create a tangy and aromatic sauce.

The sauce perfectly complements the rich flavour of the eel, making it a popular delicacy among seafood lovers. It’s usually served with boiled potatoes or bread to soak up every last bit of the delicious sauce, making it a must-try dish when visiting Belgium.

13. Jenever

Belgium is famous for many things, including its wide variety of beverages. One such drink is jenever, a gin-like spirit the locals have enjoyed for centuries. Made from malted barley, rye, and wheat and distilled with juniper berries and other botanicals, the two types of jenever – oude and jonge – offer distinct flavours that cater to all palates.

While the side has a more pronounced malt flavour, the jonge is smoother. People typically serve Jenever chilled in a small tulip-shaped glass and can enjoy it on its own or as a cocktail base. It holds an essential place in Belgian culture and heritage, with many distilleries offering tours and tastings for tourists to experience the rich taste of this traditional spirit.

14. Asparagus Flemish-style

Asparagus Flemish-style is a classic Belgian dish that captures the essence of the country’s cuisine. This dish is especially popular during the asparagus season and features white asparagus cooked to perfection and served with boiled eggs, parsley, and a creamy butter sauce.

The locally grown asparagus in this dish has a unique flavour profile that perfectly complements the creamy sauce. Asparagus Flemish-style is often paired with boiled potatoes or bread. Making it a hearty and satisfying meal that locals and tourists enjoy.

15. Sausage And Mash

Sausage and mash, also known as “stomp,” is a dish that embodies the essence of Belgian comfort food. Combining creamy mashed potatoes with savory sausages and tender vegetables like carrots and leeks creates an irresistible texture that warms the soul. This dish is perfect for cold weather or when you need a hearty meal to fill you up.

Sausage and mash can find in many restaurants and cafes throughout Belgium, so it’s easy to find a place to indulge in this classic dish. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, this traditional Belgian comfort food is a must-try.

16. Waffles

For a good reason, Belgian waffles are one of Belgium’s most popular food items. These delicious treats are served as street food and can be enjoyed at any time of day. The two types of waffles, Brussels waffle, and Liege waffle, have distinct characteristics that make them unique. The Brussels waffle is light and crispy, while the Liege waffle is denser and sweeter. Both types come with yeast-leavened batter and cook in a special waffle iron that creates deep pockets.

Waffles have a rich history in Belgium, dating back to the 18th century when bakers would sell them on the streets during religious festivals. Today, they are an essential part of Belgian cuisine and can find in many cafes and restaurants nationwide. Moreover, they can serve with toppings such as whipped cream, Nutella, or strawberries, making them a versatile snack or dessert option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Food Is Brussels Famous For?

Regarding food, Brussels is famous for its delicious waffles, often sold by street vendors. Another popular dish is moules-frites, which consists of mussels and fries. Belgian chocolates, including pralines and truffles, are also a must-try in Brussels. And to wash it all down, try one of the many local beers such as Lambic or Trappist ale.

2. What Makes Belgians Crazy About Asperges?

Belgians are crazy about asparagus (asperges) because it is a seasonal delicacy only available for a short time each year. The White asparagus, in particular, is highly sought after and considered a true delicacy. Belgians enjoy preparing it in many ways, including boiled with hollandaise sauce, wrapped in ham, and baked with cheese.

3. Which Are The Best Belgian Beers?

Some of the best Belgian beers are Trappist beers like Chimay and Orval and popular options such as Duvel, Leffe, and Hoegaarden. Lambic beers, including Cantillon and Lindemans, are also highly regarded among beer enthusiasts. Belgian beer styles vary widely in flavor and complexity, ranging from fruity and sweet to sour and complex.

4. How Can I Prepare A Typical Belgian Meal?

To prepare a typical Belgian meal, start with a main dish of meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Some popular Belgian dishes include moules-frites (mussels and fries), carbonade flamande (beef stew), and waterzooi (chicken or fish stew). Belgian cuisine is popular for its delicious desserts, including waffles, speculoos cookies, and chocolate.

5. Where Can I Eat Good In Brussels?

Brussels has no shortage of great dining options, with many restaurants serving up traditional Belgian cuisine. Some popular places to try include Chez Leon, Aux Armes de Bruxelles, and Fin de Siècle. If you want a more modern dining experience, check out The Jane or Comme Chez Soi.


Belgian cuisine is popular for its rich flavor, diversity, and quality ingredients. With a history that spans centuries, Belgian food has been influenced by French, Dutch, and German cuisine. Belgium is popular for its gastronomic delights. From the famous Belgian chocolate to the mouth-watering fries and waffles, this country has much to offer regarding food. There are also regional specialties like waterzooi, stomp, and vol-au-vent that you don’t want to miss out on.

The country’s unique culinary heritage is shaped by its geography, climate, and seasonal produce. Belgian food has something for everyone, from hearty stews like Carbonade flamande to delicate seafood dishes like Sole meunière. Whether you are a foodie or a casual diner, exploring Belgian cuisine is a must-do experience. So why not plan your next trip to Belgium and indulge in some of the most popular food in Belgium items mentioned.

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