Top 20 Popular Food In Czech Republic [Delicious Czech Food]

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Czech cuisine uniquely blends Central European and Slavic influences, making it a must-try for food enthusiasts. The dishes are hearty and filling and often include meat and potatoes. Moreover, the Czech Republic is globally renowned for its beer which complements many traditional dishes well. These popular Czech dishes have been passed down through generations and are essential to the country’s cultural heritage.

If you’re looking for a gastronomic adventure, the Czech Republic is just the place for you. It is a country where Food has always been integral to its culture and traditions. From hearty stews to delicious desserts, Czech cuisine has something for everyone.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 20 traditional and popular foods in the Czech Republic that you must try. So come along with us as we explore the mouthwatering world of Czech cuisine.

Popular Food In Czech Republic

Popular Food In The Czech Republic – You Simply Must Try

Indulge in the flavors of the Czech Republic’s traditional cuisine with these popular dishes you must try. From hearty stews to sweet pastries, the country’s Food is a blend of Central European and Slavic influences.

Savor the creamy vegetable sauce served with Beef sirloin in Svíčková or indulge in the crispy potato pancakes known as Bramboráky. Don’t miss out on classics like Goulash and Knedlíky, which have been passed down for generations and remain an essential part of the country’s cultural heritage. Here are 20 Traditional popular food in the Czech Republic.

1. Svíčková na Smetaně (Roast Sirloin in Sour Cream Sauce)

The Svíčková na Smetaně is a classic Czech dish that represents the rich cultural heritage of the country. People have enjoyed this dish for generations, and they often consider it a luxury meal for special occasions.

The roasted beef sirloin served in a creamy sour cream sauce, bread dumplings, and cranberry sauce provides a perfect balance of flavors. The dish is made even more special by adding root vegetables and spices like allspice and bay leaves, making it a hearty and filling meal.

2. Hovězí Guláš (Beef Goulash)

Hovězí Guláš is a warming and hearty dish that has become a staple in Czech cuisine. Hungarian cuisine originally created this traditional Czech dish, which includes beef, onions, paprika, and other spices.

It’s usually served with bread dumplings or potatoes, making it the perfect comfort food for colder months. Whether enjoyed at a restaurant or pub, the rich flavors of Hovězí Guláš are sure to satisfy any appetite.

3. Smažený Sýr (Fried Cheese)

Fried Cheese, or Smažený Sýr, is a beloved Czech dish on many menus nationwide. This popular street food consists of deep-fried cheese typically made with Edam or Hermelín cheese. Restaurants often serve it with tartar sauce or ketchup and usually accompany it with French fries or a side salad.

One bite of this crispy and savory dish will leave you wanting more. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a filling meal, Smažený Sýr is worth trying during your next visit to the Czech Republic.

4. Pečená Kachna se Zelím (Roasted Duck with Cabbage)

Roasted Duck with Cabbage, also known as Pečená Kachna se Zelím, is a popular Czech dish that has become a staple during holidays and special occasions.

The duck is perfectly roasted, resulting in crispy skin and tender meat. Braised red cabbage adds a sweet and tangy flavor to the dish, while dumplings provide the perfect starchy side. This traditional dish offers a unique blend of flavors and textures to delight your taste buds. Don’t miss the chance to savor this mouthwatering dish when visiting the Czech Republic!

5. Řízek (Schnitzel)

Satisfy your cravings with a crispy and delicious Řízek, also known as Schnitzel, a beloved Czech dish. Made of breading and frying meat, this dish is typically prepared using pork, but chicken or beef can also be used.

The chef serves the Řízek with mashed potatoes or fries and fresh vegetables or salad. Some variations include adding cheese or ham for extra flavor. Whether done in high-end restaurants or food carts, Řízek is a must-try for anyone visiting the Czech Republic to experience traditional Czech cuisine.

6. Fazolova Polevka (Bean Soup)

Fazolova Polevka, or Bean Soup, is a staple dish in Czech cuisine with a lot of flavor and nutrition. This hearty soup is made with beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, and other vegetables, complemented by spices like paprika and marjoram.

Fazolova Polevka can be served as a starter or a main course alongside bread or dumplings. One of the benefits of this dish is that it’s high in protein and fiber, making it a healthy choice for anyone looking to maintain a balanced diet.

7. Zelňačka (Cabbage Soup)

Zelňačka is a traditional Czech soup that can warm up even the coldest winters. People typically serve this soup with potatoes and dill and often top it with a poached egg.

People often serve it as a starter but you can also enjoy it as a main course. The sourness of the sauerkraut gives it a unique taste that sets it apart from other soups. Enjoy Zelňačka with bread or dumplings, and experience the authentic flavors of Czech cuisine.

8. Kulajda

Kulajda is a classic Czech dish that combines the richness of cream with the tartness of sauerkraut and the earthy flavors of mushrooms. People typically serve this soup with potatoes and dill and often top it with a poached egg.

The vinegar or lemon juice added to Kulajda gives it a unique sour taste, perfect for warming up during the colder months. Many Czech people regard Kulajda as comfort food, and its popularity has spread throughout the country. It’s a must-try dish for anyone looking to experience authentic Czech cuisine.

9. Česnečka

Česnečka, a traditional garlic soup, is a staple in Czech cuisine. They make it with potatoes and croutons and serve it with egg and sausage. It has a strong garlic flavor. But what sets this soup apart is its reputation as a cure-all for colds and other illnesses.

This warm, comforting dish is perfect for chilly days and you can enjoy it as a starter or light meal. Many restaurants and cafes throughout the Czech Republic feature Česnečka on their menus, making it an easy dish to try on your next visit.

10. Bramboráky (Potato Pancakes)

Bramboráky, also known as potato pancakes, are popular comfort food in the Czech Republic. Made from grated potatoes, flour, and eggs, these savory pancakes are fried to a crispy golden brown. You can enjoy them as a side dish or a main course with sour cream and salad after seasoning them with garlic and herbs like marjoram.

Bramboráky’s simplicity and versatility make it a go-to dish for Czechs all year round, especially during the festive season and outdoor events. It’s no wonder that this humble dish has become a beloved part of Czech cuisine.

11. Ovocné Knedlíky (Fruit Dumplings)

Czech people commonly prepare fruit dumplings, which involve wrapping sweetened fruit in the soft dumpling dough. They are a perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth and experience traditional Czech cuisine. They often top it with melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon, whether served hot or cold.

The most common fruits used in this dish are plums, apricots, and strawberries. Fruit dumplings are especially popular during the summer when fresh fruit is abundant, making them a must-try for anyone looking to explore the local flavors of the Czech Republic.

12. Bábovka (Bundt Cake)

Bábovka, or Czech Bundt Cake, is a delicious dessert for any occasion. This simple yet delicious cake is made with essential ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, but adding vanilla and lemon zest gives it a unique flavor.

Traditionally baked in a bundt pan to add to its visual appeal, Bábovka is often served with coffee or tea at family gatherings and holidays. Whether hot or cold, this traditional Czech cake is a must-try for those looking to experience the country’s rich culinary history.

13. Kolaches

Kolaches, a sweet pastry from the Czech Republic, is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. We make these pastries with yeast-based dough and fill them with fruit, cream cheese, or other sweet fillings.

You can enjoy them as a breakfast pastry or as a dessert in many variations, including savory ones filled with meat or cheese. People often serve kolaches at special events like weddings and family gatherings, making them an essential part of Czech culture. Don’t miss out on this delicious pastry when visiting the Czech Republic.

14. Buchty (Sweet-Filled Buns)

Buchty is a beloved sweet pastry in the Czech Republic, perfect for breakfast or dessert. They fill these soft, pillowy buns with jam, curd cheese, or poppy seeds and often top them with powdered sugar or a sweet glaze.

Many bakeries throughout the country offer their unique spin on this classic treat, and you can find Buchty there. Don’t miss out on trying these delicious buns during your visit to the Czech Republic.

15. Trdelník

Trdelník is a beloved sweet pastry that originated in Hungary but gained immense popularity in the Czech Republic. To make Trdelník, roll dough around a stick, grill it, and then coat it with sugar and cinnamon. You can fill it with various toppings such as Nutella, whipped cream, or ice cream.

You can enjoy this versatile dessert option to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. It can be eaten as a snack on the go or served as a dessert after dinner. So if you’re visiting the Czech Republic, try this local favorite.

16. Bramboráky (Potato Pancakes)

People can enjoy Bramboráky, also known as potato pancakes, in many ways as it is a beloved Czech dish. These patties, made from grated potatoes, flour, and eggs, are fried to crispy perfection on the outside and soft on the inside. Bramboráky is a must-try for anyone visiting the Czech Republic, whether served as a snack or a main course.

The toppings for this dish vary from sour cream to applesauce and even meat sauce, making it a versatile option for any palate. So why not try Bramboráky during your next food adventure in the Czech Republic?

17. Tatarák (Steak Tartare)

Anyone interested in exploring the unique flavors of Czech cuisine must try Tatarák, a traditional Czech dish made with raw meat, although it may seem daunting to some. Someone finely chops raw beef or pork and mixes it with onions, capers, and spices to make this dish.

People typically serve it with bread or toast and garnish it with a raw egg yolk. While it’s essential to ensure the quality of the meat used in Tatarák, its delicious taste, and rich cultural significance make it worth trying.

18. Česnečka (Garlic Soup)

You are introducing Česnečka, a traditional Czech soup that packs a flavorful punch with garlic, potatoes, and croutons. This starter soup is perfect for those chilly winter days or when you need a little extra warmth. You can make it with or without meat, mushrooms, or cheese.

A comforting bowl of Česnečka after a long day of exploring the beautiful Czech Republic will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for your next adventure. Don’t miss out on trying this unique soup during your visit!

19. Guláš (Goulash)

Guláš, a traditional Czech stew, is a hearty and comforting dish perfect for cold winter days. This savory stew has become a staple of Czech cuisine, made with beef or pork, onions, and paprika.

While there are many variations of guláš across the country, the dish typically accompanies bread or potato dumplings. With its rich flavors and warm spices, guláš is a must-try for anyone looking to explore the unique tastes of Czech cuisine.

20. Rajská omáčka (Beef in Tomato Soup)

Rajská omáčka, a classic Czech dish made with beef and tomato soup, is a flavor-packed meal that will satisfy you. People usually serve this savory dish with dumplings or potatoes, and they garnish it with fresh parsley. The simplicity of this dish allows for easy customization; you can add different spices and ingredients to make it your own. Rajská omáčka is a must-try for anyone looking to indulge in the unique flavors of Czech cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular Food in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is popular for its hearty and comforting cuisine, with some of the most popular dishes being goulash, a beef stew, and svíčková, which consists of beef sirloin in a creamy vegetable sauce. Dumplings, whether bread or potato-based, are also a staple side dish.

2. What Food Is Famous In Czech?

Czech cuisine’s most famous foods include goulash, Schnitzel, and roast pork. Other traditional dishes include dumplings, potato pancakes, and sauerkraut. For dessert, apple strudel and fruit-filled pastries are popular choices.

3. What Is The Typical Food In The Czech Republic?

Czech cuisine is popular for its hearty, meat-based dishes. Some typical Czech foods you should try include goulash, Schnitzel, and roast pork with dumplings. Traditional sides include sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, and potato dishes.

And don’t forget to save room for dessert! Classic Czech desserts like apple strudel or kolache are the perfect way to finish your meal and satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. What Is The Most Popular Food In Prague?

Some of the most popular foods in Prague include goulash, a hearty beef stew served with bread or dumplings, and svíčková, marinated beef served with dumplings and a creamy vegetable sauce.

For those with a sweet tooth, trdelník is a must-try street food. This sweet pastry is often topped with sugar and cinnamon.

5. What Is The National Czech Dish?

The national dish of the Czech Republic is roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, a hearty meal that reflects the country’s meat-heavy cuisine. Other popular words include goulash, Schnitzel, and fried cheese. However, vegetarian options are also available for those who prefer a meat-free diet.


To sum up, Czech cuisine is a hidden gem offering delicious and unique dishes worth exploring. From the classic roast sirloin in sour cream sauce to the famous fried cheese, there is something for every foodie. From savory meat dishes like goulash and Schnitzel to sweet treats like trdelník and koláče, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring the diverse range of Czech cuisine should be at the top of your list. So next time you visit the Czech Republic, try out these 20 popular foods in the Czech Republic that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

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