Best Road Trip Games To Play With Friends – A Beginner’s Guide

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Are you planning a road trip with your friends and want to make the journey more fun and exciting? Games are not just about having fun; they can also be educational and help to develop problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and hand-eye coordination.

Look no further – we’ll compile a list of the 20 best road trip games to play that will keep everyone entertained throughout the drive. We’ll also include tips on adapting the games for different age groups or interests while keeping them engaging and inclusive for everyone.

Additionally, we take safety considerations seriously and will include some guidelines on playing these games without compromising safety while traveling. So buckle up, put on your thinking caps, and dive into these fantastic road trip games.

Best Road Trip Games To Play

20 Fun Best Road Trip Games To Play With Friends

20 Fun Best Road Trip Games To Play With Friends

Road trips are a classic American pastime, and for a good reason. There’s nothing like hitting the open road with friends or family and exploring all the hidden gems this country offers. From winding mountain roads to long stretches of desert highways, road trips offer endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

Looking for some fun car games to avoid boredom during your next road trip? From classic license plate games to new favourites like storytelling games and road trip trivia, we’ve compiled a list of the best road trip games. Here are 20 fun best road trip games to play with friends. Scroll down to get into details.

1. I Spy

I Spy

This classic road trip game of I Spy never gets old. To play this fun game during a long car ride, the first person chooses an object they can see and gives a clue about its color or shape, saying, “I spy with my little eye something that is…”. Everyone else takes turns guessing until someone correctly identifies the object. It’s perfect for passing the time during a classic road trip game while enhancing your observation skills.

2. The Alphabet Game (Also Known As Alphabet Soup)

The Alphabet Game (or Alphabet Soup) is one of the best road trip games and can keep fellow passengers entertained during long car rides. One person begins by spotting something starting with the letter A while the next person looks for a B until they reach Z.

Players can customize this classic road trip game further by choosing specific categories, such as Disney characters or grocery store items. This fun game in alphabetical order is perfect for younger kids too.

3. Sorry I’m Late

Sorry, I’m Late is a fun game that can be played during a road trip with friends or family members of all ages. To start off this classic road trip game, one player says, “Sorry I’m late” and gives an excuse starting with the letter A (e.g.

“Sorry I’m late; my aunt needed help with her groceries”). The next person continues with the letter B until reaching Z. This game never gets old, allowing you to devise creative excuses while having a great time on your long car rides.

4. Who Am I?

Who Am I? is a timeless game where one player selects a real or fictional person and provides clues about their identity while others try to guess who it is. It’s a fun way to pass the time during long trips, as it requires no materials and can be adapted to suit any group size or age range.

5. Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream Sundae

Playing games during a road trip makes the journey more enjoyable, and Ice Cream Sundae is one of the best road trip games. This classic road trip game involves each player taking turns adding to a list of ingredients for an imaginary ice cream sundae.

From toppings like hot fudge to banana slices, this fun car game encourages creativity and memory retention. It’s a great way to beat boredom on long car rides with family or fellow passengers. So next time you’re on the road, don’t forget to include Ice Cream Sundae in your list of the best road trip games.

6. The Movie Link Game

During long road trips, playing the popular road trip game known as The Movie Link Game can be an excellent way to keep passengers entertained throughout the journey. In this fun game, players must connect two movie titles using a common actor or actress.

They take turns naming movies and actors/actresses in them, and the next player then names another movie featuring that same actor/actress. This versatile game can be played with any movie genre and adapted for different themes, such as horror or comedy. Not only does it make for an engaging activity, but it also encourages interesting discussions about films.

7. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? is a versatile game perfect for road trips, involving players choosing between two scenarios with unique pros and cons ranging from silly to thought-provoking. It’s entertaining to pass the time, spark conversation, and learn more about your friends.

8. Road Trip Trivia

Road Trip Trivia

Engage and challenge your fellow passengers with Road Trip Trivia – it’s the perfect game for learning! Prepare questions on history or geography and adjust the difficulty level for individual play or team competition. Adding time limits or bonus points makes it all the more exciting! Not just a fun game but also a great way to keep your brain active during long car rides.

9. Alphabet Town

Alphabet Town

Looking for a great way to pass the time during your next road trip? Try playing Alphabet Town! This classic road trip game involves naming things that start with each alphabet letter in a town.

There’s no shortage of nouns, from airports to banks and everything in between. To up the ante, add specific categories for each letter and challenge your fellow passengers. With endless possibilities and hours of fun, Alphabet Town should definitely be on your list of the best road trip games.

10. The Storytelling Game

The Storytelling Game

The Storytelling Game is one of the best road trip games for a long car ride with travel companions. It’s an engaging car game where players take turns adding to a story while building it up with their unique ideas. Its ability to be played by all ages and skill levels and its potential for endless creativity and storytelling makes this game perfect, along with other classic road trip games like bingo or a scavenger hunt.

11. Guess The Lyrics

Playing Guess The Lyrics is a great way to spend time during a long car ride. One player sings a lyric from any song while others try to guess the next line. This fun game can be played with any music genre and is perfect for music lovers who enjoy singing their favorite songs.

Make it more challenging by choosing obscure songs or limiting the guessing time. A playlist can help everyone participate in this and other fun car games during your next road trip.

12. Rock Paper Scissors

Are you searching for entertaining road trip games to pass the time on your upcoming journey? Don’t forget about the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors! Simply make hand gestures representing rock, paper or scissors to battle it out against your fellow travellers.

Along with other favourites such as the License Plate Game and I Spy, there are plenty of ways to keep boredom at bay during long car rides. Spice up your travel games with options like road signs trivia or punch buggy spotting!

13. Car Bingo

Car Bingo is one of the best road trip games with friends and family during long car rides. It’s a classic road trip game that can be played by all ages and can provide hours of entertainment.

Players can create their bingo cards or print them online with various themes such as landmarks, license plates, or road signs to play this fun game. The first person spots all the items on their card and shouts, “Bingo!” wins the game. This great game can be more exciting by adding a time limit or requiring players to find items in a specific order.

14. Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Passing the time during long road trips can be challenging. To make it more enjoyable, try the Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt! This fun game involves finding specific items on a list like “license plates” or “red barns.” It’s a great activity for all ages that can be easily customized to fit different interests. The best part? You don’t need anything fancy- just print out the scavenger hunt sheets before you hit the road!

15. Telephone Whisper Game

Telephone Whisper Game

Playing road trip games can be a great way to pass the time during those long car rides. One such game you can play with your travel companions is the Telephone Whisper Game. This fun memory game involves one person whispering a phrase or message to the next person, who then whispers it to the next person, and so on until it reaches the last person in the group.

Often, by the end of all these whispers, the final message has undergone significant changes from its original version! The Telephone Whisper Game is an excellent way to improve listening skills and communication while having a great time.

16. The Categories Game

The Categories Game is one of the best road trip games for a long car ride. It’s a fun memory game where players take turns naming items that fit into a chosen category, like types of animals or cities in a certain state.

The goal is to name as many different items as possible without repeating or taking too much time to come up with an answer. This classic road trip game is perfect for all age groups and will keep everyone entertained for hours.

17. Mad Libs

Mad Libs is an excellent choice if you are looking for a fun road trip game. This classic word game allows players to fill in the blanks of a story with various types of words like nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

The hilarious and nonsensical stories make it a great source of entertainment during long car rides. Find different themes of Mad Libs, like Disney characters or TV shows, for music lovers and fellow passengers to enjoy. Make sure to pack this fun game on your next road trip adventure!

18. Spot The Cracker Barrel

One classic road trip game is Spot The Cracker Barrel, where players compete to be the first to spot this restaurant chain. Other fun games include searching for unique license plates or specific road signs, playing trivia or I Spy. These car games are a great way to break up the boredom and create lasting memories on long car rides with travel companions.

19. The Movie Game

The Movie Game

The Movie Game is among the best road trip games for your travel companions. This classic road trip game is played by naming movies fitting into specific categories or themes. The first person names a movie, and the second person has to name a movie starting with the last letter of the previous movie’s title.

Categories can include genres like comedy or action movies or themes like “movies set in New York City” in alphabetical order. It’s a great way for music lovers to share their favourite movies while on long road trips with family members.

20. Count The Animals Game

The Count the Animals Game is a classic road trip game for the whole family during a long car ride. Players observe their surroundings and count animals outside the window while keeping track of their points. This fun game has variations, like adding extra points for spotting rare or unique animals. It’s a great opportunity to bond with fellow passengers and enjoy a fun activity together during your next road trip.

Safety Considerations When Playing Games During A Road Trip

Playing games during a road trip can be fun to pass the time and make great memories with friends and family. However, keeping safety in mind when playing these games is important. Here are some safety considerations to remember when playing road trip games. Following these safety considerations allows you to enjoy road trip games without compromising anyone’s safety.

  • Ensure that the driver is not distracted. The driver’s main focus should always be on the road. Ensure that any game played does not require the driver’s participation.
  • Keep the noise level low. Loud noises or sudden outbursts can distract the driver and cause them to lose focus.
  • Choose games that do not require physical movement. Playing games requiring physical movement could be dangerous in a moving vehicle.

How To Adapt The Games For Different Age Groups Or Interests

How To Adapt The Games For Different Age Groups Or Interests

When organizing a long car ride, it’s crucial to keep your fellow travelers engaged with fun car games. One great way to do this is by planning a road trip, scavenger hunt or memory game. For example, you could play the license plate game, where players try to spot license plates from different states.

Another classic road trip game is alphabet bingo, where players try to find an object that starts with each letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order. Other fun ideas for road trip games include trivia questions about your favorite movies or TV shows or taking turns singing a lyric from a song until someone gets stumped.

Tips For Keeping The Games Engaging And Inclusive For Everyone

Road trips can be a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family while exploring new destinations. Playing games is fun to pass the time and entertain everyone during long car rides. However, ensuring the games are engaging and inclusive for everyone is important. Here are some tips to keep in mind. By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure everyone has a great time playing road trip games and enjoying the journey together.

  • Choose games that are easy to learn and don’t require too much equipment.
  • Consider games that involve everyone in the car, regardless of age or ability.
  • Avoid games that may exclude certain individuals or make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Encourage positive competition by keeping score and offering small prizes for winners.
  • Take breaks between games to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery.


Road trip games are a great way to pass the time while traveling long distances. They can also help break the ice and bring people closer together. Some popular road trip games include. Where players find signs or words on billboards that start with each letter.

Alphabetical in order. These fun road trip games are perfect to beat boredom and keep spirits high. However, it is essential to remember that safety comes first when playing games during a road trip. Be sure to avoid games that require driver participation or distract them from driving.

We’ve discussed the best road trip games to play. Additionally, always adapt games to different age groups and interests so everyone can participate and have fun. With these tips, you can have a blast with friends on your next road trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Car Games To Play On A Road Trip?

Ans: Some fun road trip games include the license plate game, alphabet bingo, trivia questions about movies or TV shows, and singing song lyrics. Just make sure to choose games that are easy to learn and inclusive for everyone in the car.

2.What To Do On A Boring Road Trip?

Ans: To make a boring road trip more enjoyable, try playing road trip games, listening to audiobooks or music, having engaging conversations, and taking breaks at scenic spots. Remember to be flexible and open to unexpected detours or adventures for added excitement.

3.What Is The Grocery Game In The Car?

Ans: The grocery game is a memory-based road trip game where players add an item to a growing list, starting with “I went to the grocery store and bought…”. Each player must remember and repeat all previous items before adding their own. The game ends when someone forgets or makes a mistake, adding an element of challenge and fun to the journey.

4.What Is The Alphabet Game For Car Rides?

Ans: The alphabet game is a fun car ride activity where players find words on signs or license plates that follow the alphabetical order. It can be modified to include billboards or outdoor objects. Proper and common nouns may be allowed depending on the rules, and the first player to finish wins.

5.What Are Some Road Trip Games That Can Be Played Solo?

Ans: Some road trip games that can be played solo include crossword puzzles, Sudoku, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles. You can also listen to audiobooks or podcasts for entertainment during the drive.

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