A List Of Popular Food In Lithuania – Top 19 Lithuanian Foods

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Lithuania has a rich culinary history, and neighbouring countries heavily influence its food culture. Using natural ingredients in Lithuanian dishes is a prominent feature that sets it apart from other cuisines. The combination of meat, potatoes, and dairy products is prevalent in Lithuanian cuisine.

Are you looking to explore a new cuisine? Then, Lithuanian food should be on your bucket list. Lithuania’s rich culinary history dates back centuries, and the food culture is still alive today. Many traditional dishes are unique to Lithuania and will leave you wanting more.

Here we have listed the top 17 popular food in Lithuania that you must try when visiting the country. From Cepelinai – Potato Dumplings filled with Minced Meat to Varškėčiai – Cottage Cheese Dessert, these dishes are worth trying at least once. We have also listed some popular drinks in Lithuania, such as Midus – Mead and Fruit and Berry Wines, that pair perfectly with these delicious dishes.

Popular Food In Lithuania

19 Most Popular Food In Lithuania – You Shouldn’t Miss

Lithuania’s cuisine offers diverse traditional foods that will satisfy any taste buds. There is something for everyone, from savoury potato-based dishes like cepelinai and kugelis to sweet delights such as šakotis and rangolis. These dishes are made with natural ingredients that reflect the country’s agricultural roots.

Traditional Lithuanian foods also incorporate dairy products like sour cream and curd cheese, which give them a unique flavour. So, if you’re looking for a hearty and filling meal that will satisfy you, try one of these top 17 traditional Lithuanian foods.

1. Cepelinai – Potato Dumplings Filled With Minced Meat

Cepelinai, also known as Didžkukuliai in some regions of Lithuania, is a popular traditional Lithuanian dish made with grated potatoes and stuffed with minced meat. This hearty main course meal is often served during special occasions like weddings and festivals.

The name “cepelinai” comes from its resemblance to a Zeppelin or airship and showcases the creativity of Lithuanian cuisine. Its unique taste and appearance have made it a hit worldwide, and you can now find this dish in some Lithuanian restaurants worldwide. With its simple yet delicious recipe, cepelinai has become an essential part of Lithuanian food culture.

2. Šaltibarščiai – Cold Beet Soup

A refreshing bowl of Šaltibarščiai is a staple in the summertime for Lithuanians. With its bright pink colour and tangy taste, this cold beet soup is a perfect antidote to sweltering heat. The dish includes cooked beets, chopped cucumber, dill, scallions, and sour cream or kefir.

But the benefits of this soup go beyond just taste; it is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent healthy option for those looking to keep their diet in check.Šaltibarščiai is also versatile and can be adapted to suit different tastes- some people add boiled potatoes or hard-boiled eggs for extra nutrition.

3. Bulviniai Blynai – Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes, or Bulviniai Blynai, are a staple of Lithuanian cuisine and a popular comfort food in winter. Made from grated potatoes mixed with flour, eggs, and onions, they are fried until crispy and often served with sour cream or applesauce. Their versatility sets these pancakes apart; they can be enjoyed as a side dish, a main course, or even as a snack.

Potato pancakes are easy to make at home and can be found in many Lithuanian restaurants worldwide. They have become increasingly popular due to their unique taste and texture. Whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast or a satisfying snack, Bulviniai Blynai will surely hit the spot.

4. Kugelis – Potato Pudding With Bacon

Kugelis is a cherished dish in Lithuanian cuisine and for a good reason. This potato pudding with bacon is a deliciously hearty comfort food enjoyed for centuries. The grated potatoes, onions, and bacon are baked together to create a golden-brown, crispy crust on top. The dish can be served as a main course or side dish and pairs well with sour cream or fried onions.

People often prepare Kugelis for special occasions and family gatherings. The key to perfecting it is to use high-quality ingredients such as locally sourced potatoes and fresh bacon. With its rich flavour and satisfying texture, kugelis will surely leave you feeling content. No wonder this traditional Lithuanian dish has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

5. Kept A Duona – Fried Bread With Garlic

Kept a Duona, also known as garlic bread, is a beloved snack in Lithuania. This dish’s unique flavour makes it stand out from other kinds of bread. The bread is first sliced and then fried until crispy. Once you have done it, rub it with fresh garlic to enhance its taste.

Most Lithuanian restaurants and cafes offer Kepta Duona, making it easily accessible to locals and tourists.  People often serve it with cheese or sour cream as a dipping sauce, which adds an extra layer of flavour to the already delicious dish. So whether you are looking for a quick snack or something to share with friends, Kepta Duona is worth trying.

6. Kibinai – Meat-Filled Pastries

With its savoury filling and flaky pastry shell, Kibinai is a staple of Lithuanian cuisine. These meat-filled pastries have a fascinating history, originating in the Karaim community of Lithuania. Today, people throughout the country find and enjoy them as both a snack and a meal. They make the dough from flour, water, and egg yolks, stuff it with meat, onions, and potatoes, and then bake or fry it to perfection. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a hearty meal, Kibinai will satisfy your cravings.

7. Žirniai Su Spirgučiais – Peas With Cracklings

Lithuanians have enjoyed Peas with Cracklings, or Žirniai su Spirgučiais, for generations as a beloved dish. This hearty and comforting dish features boiled peas topped with crispy pork cracklings, creating a savoury flavour explosion in every bite. No wonder this dish is a winter favourite, as it warms the soul on even the coldest days. Whether you’re looking to experience traditional Lithuanian cuisine or want to try something new, Žirniai su Spirgučiais is worth adding to your list of must-try dishes.

8. Juoda Duona – Dark Rye Bread

Juoda Duona, or dark rye bread, is a staple in Lithuanian cuisine. This dense bread has a unique taste and aroma from its sourdough starter and the combination of rye flour and malt extract. People often serve it with butter or cheese and pair it well with cold cuts or smoked fish for breakfast or lunch.

But Juoda Duona isn’t just a simple bread; it serves as a base for many traditional Lithuanian dishes like Šaltibarščiai (cold beet soup) and Kugelis (potato pudding). Its versatility makes it an essential part of the Lithuanian food culture. We highly recommend trying out Juoda Duona to experience authentic Lithuanian cuisine if you visit Lithuania.

9. Marinuoti Agurkai – Pickles

Marinuoti Agurkai, or pickles, are integral to Lithuanian cuisine and culture. These sour and tangy treats can be found in almost every household and are often served with traditional Lithuanian dishes like potato pancakes or meat stews. People commonly pickle vegetables like beets and tomatoes, and it’s not limited to cucumbers. Pickling has been a popular preservation method for Lithuanians for centuries, allowing them to enjoy fresh produce throughout the year.

Making pickles involves fermenting cucumbers in a brine solution with spices and herbs. You can use this crunchy and flavorful snack as a condiment in sandwiches or salads, resulting in a delicious addition to your meal. The versatility of pickles makes them an excellent addition to any meal, whether a quick snack or a hearty dinner. So if you’re visiting Lithuania, don’t forget to try to marinate agurkai – they’re sure to pack a punch of flavour!

10. Sūris – Cheese

Lithuanian cheese, or sūris, is a beloved staple in Lithuanian cuisine. The cheese comes from cow’s milk in different textures and flavours depending on the ageing process. Served on its own or used in various Lithuanian dishes such as potato pancakes and dumplings, sūris is a versatile ingredient that adds richness and depth to any dish.

Lithuanians take great pride in their dairy products and have a long history of producing high-quality cheeses. Lithuanian cheeses from Džiugas to Liucija and Rokiškis are a testament to the country’s commitment to culinary excellence.

11. Skilandis – Cold Smoked Cured Sausage

Generations of Lithuanians have enjoyed Skilandis, a beloved cold smoked cured sausage. They smoke and air-dry ground pork and spices carefully to achieve the unique flavor and texture of the sausage. Skilandis’ distinctive taste makes it a popular appetizer or snack, often thinly sliced with bread or cheese.

Many Lithuanian recipes also incorporate skilandis, including soups and stews. Skilandis’ flavoflavourversatility makes it an essential ingredient in Lithuanian cuisine. Its popularity has even spread beyond Lithuania’s borders, with many Lithuanian communities maintaining the tradition of making skilandis worldwide.

12. Lašiniai – Lardo

Lardo, or Lašiniai in Lithuanian, is a unique meat dish that is a must-try for anyone exploring traditional Lithuanian cuisine. People in Lithuania have enjoyed this delicacy made from cured pork fat for centuries, and they often serve it sliced thinly with bread and pickles. While it might not be to everyone’s taste, Lardo’s distinct flavour and texture make it a staple in Lithuanian households. Whether eaten on its own or used as an ingredient in cooking, Lardo is a testament to Lithuania’s proud culinary heritage.

13. Žuvis – Fish

Lithuania’s rich Baltic Sea coastline has led to a deep appreciation of fish and seafood in the country’s cuisine. People prepare fish in various ways, from smoking, frying, and boiling to making dishes like cold beet soup with fish or stuffed cabbage rolls with herring.

Don’t miss the particular delicacy of smoked eel. Visitors to Lithuania can indulge in traditional fish dishes for an authentic taste of the country’s flavours and culinary history. The freshest catch from the Baltic ensures every dish is full of flavour and provides a unique experience for those looking to enjoy Lithuanian cuisine.

14. Blynai Su Mesa – Meat Pancakes

For those who love comfort food, blynai su mesa is a must-try dish on your trip to Lithuania. These savoury meat pancakes are a staple in Lithuanian cuisine and are sure to satisfy any cravings you may have. We mix ground meat with onions and spices and place the meat patties on top of pancakes made from flour, milk, eggs, and sometimes grated potatoes for texture.

People usually serve Blynai su mesa with a dollop of sour cream or lingonberry jam on top to add a touch of sweetness to the dish. It’s the perfect hearty meal for cold winter nights and a delicious way to experience traditional Lithuanian flavours.

15. Koldūnai – Meat Dumplings

Koldūnai, a traditional Lithuanian dish, is a type of meat dumpling enjoyed throughout the country. Someone makes these delicious dumplings with thin dough and fills them with ground pork or beef. Boil them until they float to the surface, then serve hot with sour cream or bacon bits.

Most Lithuanian restaurants offer koldūnai, which is famous for its hearty and comforting flavour. The dish is so popular that many families have their unique recipe passed down through generations.

16. Varškėčiai – Cottage Cheese Dessert

Varškėčiai is a sweet and creamy Lithuanian dessert that locals and visitors enjoy. To make this dessert, boil small balls of cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, and flour and serve them with sour cream or fruit sauce.  This dish showcases the versatility of cottage cheese, and you can customize it with different toppings to suit your taste.

Varškėčiai is a popular dessert during Lithuanian celebrations such as weddings and Christmas, adding a sweet touch to festive menus. Whether enjoyed as a treat or as part of a larger meal, Varškėčiai will satisfy any sweet tooth.

17. Drinks In Lithuania

Lithuania’s drinks scene has a rich history and culture, with beer being the most famous alcoholic beverage in the country. Generations pass down brewing traditions that ensure Lithuanian beer’s unique balance of hops, barley, and yeast. Lithuanians have been enjoying kvass, a fermented drink made from bread, for centuries.

Mead, a honey-based alcoholic beverage enjoyed during holidays and celebrations, is an excellent option for those who prefer sweet drinks. Furthermore, due to their renowned health benefits, people often use Lithuanian herbal teas and infusions as natural remedies to treat various ailments.

18. Midus – Mead

Midus, also known as Lithuanian mead, is a fascinating traditional alcoholic beverage enjoyed in Lithuania for centuries. Made from honey, Midus comes in various flavours, from sweet to dry, and can be infused with fruits or spices. Drinking Midus is a gastronomic delight and offers several health benefits.

In the past, people used Midus as a natural remedy for various ailments. Experts believe that it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and can help boost immunity. Trying this delicious drink should be on your list when visiting Lithuania!

19. Fruit And Berry Wines

Fruit and berry wines are popular in Lithuania due to their sweet taste and versatile use. For centuries, Lithuanians have made these wines with fruits like apples, currants, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries.

These wines are often served as dessert wine or after-dinner drinks and go well with various traditional Lithuanian dishes. Some popular fruit wines include apple, cherry, and blackcurrant. The consumption of fruit and berry wines has grown significantly in recent years due to their unique taste and health benefits.


Lithuanian cuisine is rich in tradition and flavours, with various dishes sure to please your taste buds. Lithuanian cuisine offers a wide range of delicious options, from Cepelinai, the national dish, to Šaltibarščiai, the cold beet soup. From hearty soups and stews to delicate pastries and desserts, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, exploring the culinary delights of Lithuania is an experience unlike any other.

So why not expand your taste buds and try out some of these delicious Lithuanian dishes? You won’t regret it. However, if you’re a foodie looking to explore new flavours or simply curious about the country’s culture, trying some of the most popular food in Lithuania is a must. So why not venture out and discover the taste of Lithuania for yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Food Is Lithuania Famous For?

Ans: Lithuania is popular for its hearty and filling cuisine, which includes popular dishes like cepelinai (potato dumplings stuffed with meat), kugelis (potato pudding), and šaltibarščiai (cold beet soup). Other traditional foods in Lithuania include smoked meats, rye bread, and curd cheese.

2.What Is The National Food Of Lithuania?

Ans: The national dish of Lithuania is cepelinai, also known as zeppelins or potato dumplings. We make these with grated potatoes and fill them with meat or cheese. Traditional Lithuanian dishes include šaltibarščiai (cold beet soup) and kugelis (potato pudding). Lithuania’s cuisine also features various smoked meats, fish, and dairy products.

3.What Is The Popular Meat In Lithuania?

Ans: Pork is the most popular meat in Lithuania. It is a key ingredient in many traditional dishes like cepelinai (ground pork and potatoes), kugel (potato pudding), skilandis (smoked meat), and vėdarai (stuffed pig intestines). However, Lithuanians commonly consume beef, chicken, and fish as meats.

4.What Is A Typical Lithuanian Breakfast?

Ans: A typical Lithuanian breakfast usually consists of bread, cheese, and eggs. Other common breakfast items include yoghurt, oatmeal, and pancakes. Traditional Lithuanian breakfast dishes like “varškėčiai” (cottage cheese pancakes) and “košė” (porridge) are also popular.

5.What Is The Most Popular Food In Lithuania?

Ans: Cepelinai, also known as “zeppelins,” are considered the national dish of Lithuania and are very popular. Other Lithuanian foods like kugel, šaltibarščiai (cold beet soup), and skilandis (smoked meat) are also enjoyed. Neighbouring countries like Poland and Russia influence the cuisine in Lithuania.

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